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Four Peacekeepers Killed in Bosnia
Lithuanian, Danish Casualties of Mine, Road Accident
SARAJEVO, April 18 (Reuters) — Two soldiers serving in the international peace force in Bosnia have been killed by a mine explosion and two others died in a road accident, NATO officials said on Thursday. NATO said the nationalities of the dead and wounded in Wednesday's land mine blast in the north of the country were being witheld pending notification of next-of-kin.

But a Danish military statement said the victims were a Danish private, 28-year-old Arne Ib Andersen, and an unnamed Lithuanian soldier. Two more Lithuanians were wounded when their vehicle drove over a mine near Maglaj. One of three soft-skinned vehicles travelling in convoy struck a mine, believed to be an anti-tank charge, 20 km (12 miles) southeast of Doboj, NATO said. Two soldiers were killed. U.S. helicopters took the two wounded to a nearby Norwegian medical facility. Seven other passengers in the vehicles were uninjured in the incident.

Meanwhile, Bosnian police said two Swedish soldiers were killed in a road traffic accident in northern Bosnia on Thursday when their vehicle went off a bridge. "We tried to get them out but we could not reach them," police officer Meho Rahimic said at the scene. "When we did get to them... nothing could be done."

NATO sources in Bosnia confirmed the deaths but declined to release the nationalities of the victims. Most peace force casualties in Bosnia have been caused by mines and road traffic accidents. Experts estimate at least three million land mines were deployed in Bosnia during the country's 43-month war. No more than a third lie in marked mine fields.

NATO commanders have warned their troops and Bosnian citizens to be wary of mines as warmer weather and melting snows open previously impassable areas across the mountainous country to increased travel by foot and vehicle.