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Renegade Moslem Leader in Bosnian Elections
ZAGREB, April 15 (Reuters) — A controversial renegade Bosnian Muslim leader sheltering in Croatia said in a newspaper interview published on Monday that he would take part in Bosnia's coming postwar elections. "I expect to take part in the elections and do well," Fikret Abdic said in an interview with the Zagreb daily Vjesnik. Under the Dayton peace accord on Bosnia, nationwide elections are to be held by September.

The Muslim-led Bosnian government's ambassador to Croatia, Kasim Trnka, said it was doubtful Abdic would be able to run. "According to Bosnia's laws, a person who has been indicted by a criminal court cannot register a political party. Abdic has been indicted by the high court in Bihac," Trnka told Reuterss by telephone.

Abdic, a maverick tycoon who declared autonomy in an area within his native Bihac region in 1993, later fought alongside separatist Serbs against the Bosnian government. He took refuge in Croatia after his self-styled domain was recaptured by Bosnian government troops in August 1995.

Trnka said the Sarajevo government had asked for Abdic's extradition from Croatia several months ago but was still waiting for an answer from Zagreb. Croatian prosecutors said last week a group of Bosnians was arrested on the Adriatic coast on suspicion of planning to assassinate Abdic. Trnka denied any link between his government and the alleged death squad.

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