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BERSERKISTAN is a new kind of news. The immediacy of television. The depth of print. New levels of interactivity never before attempted in journalism. Starting now, we're plugging you into the story. Welcome to the news. Welcome to Berserkistan.

Photojournalist Jim Bartlett, Berserkistan's Editor in Chief, is in Bosnia today. You can follow his journey by reading Bartlett's dispatches to the Bosnia Journal. Jim is no stranger to Bosnia and Herzegovina — he's spent 18 months there, covering the bloodiest battles of the early Balkan War.

Now, he's returned to Bosnia as the world's first Internet news correspondent, covering the story and making connections that will link you with some of the most amazing people in the Balkans. Within days, you'll be able to plug into the lives of soldiers, students, newlyweds — who knows? They'll be here, checking their EMail at Berserkistan. You'll be able to share their lives, and those of NATO Troops enforcing the Dayton Peace Accord. Video and audio feeds from Sarajevo and Tuzla will be online within weeks.

It's quantum leap time for journalism and in this new media revolution, you don't sit back and watch. You make it happen by becoming a part of the story. Experience firsthand how the War in Bosnia continues to change the lives of people like you, half a world away. Be there to lend a hand if the peace process falters. Suddenly, through the power of the Internet, you're playing an interactive role in history-in-the-making.

The ten o'clock news will never be the same.

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