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Dubrovnik Airport Cleared in Crash Probe
Equipment Found Functioning Normally
ZAGREB, April 10 (Reuters) — A Croatian inquiry into the plane crash which killed U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown found no technical malfunction at Dubrovnik airport, Croatian television said on Wednesday. "I want to inform the public that landing at Dubrovnik airport is completely safe," Marijan Sarinic, spokesman for the Croatian commission investigating the crash, told Croatian TV.

Brown's plane, carrying U.S. businessmen and officials investigating prospects for postwar reconstruction projects in former Yugoslavia, crashed last Wednesday on its approach to Dubrovnik airport in southern Croatia. All 35 people on board were killed when the U.S. Air Force converted Boeing 737 hit a rugged limestone peak three miles northeast of the airport in blinding, windblown rain. Sarinic said a U.S. inquiry team had undertaken detailed investigations, flying over the area in a plane specially equipped for testing the navigation systems of airports. "After numerous flights, the equipment (of Dubrovnik airport) has been officially declared safe and sound," Sarinic said.

He said inquiries into the cause of the crash were continuing but "preliminary results of the investigation showed that the plane had not been on the prescribed flight path." Sarinic said Boeing 737s had made more than 3,000 flights over the airport since it reopened to regular traffic in 1992 after coming under heavy shelling in 1991 during the conflict resulting from Croatia's breakaway from the Yugoslav federation.

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