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Comforts of Home for Accused Gen. Blaskic
TV, Conjugal Visits while in The Hague

Gen. Tihomir Blaskic THE HAGUE, April 23 (Reuters) — A Bosnian Croat general, held in The Hague on war crimes charges, has been allowed to sleep with his wife in relaxed detention conditions, the U.N. criminal tribunal for Yugoslavia said on Tuesday. Militia leader General Tihomir Blaskic will be allowed to make telephone calls, meet his family and lawyer, watch television and, once a month, spend the night with his wife. Earlier this month Blaskic, 35, pleaded not guilty to crimes against humanity related to "ethnic cleansing" of Muslims in the Lasva Valley area of central Bosnia in 1992 and 1993.

He was ordered to be held at a "residence designated by the Dutch authorities" rather than at the tribunal's detention centre at Scheveningen jail near The Hague. Tribunal president Antonio Cassese granted permission for Blaskic to be moved from the jail because he had given himself up voluntarily, but laid down strict detention conditions. Blaskic, generally believed to be under pressure from the Croatian government, surrendered to the tribunal on April 1.

The tribunal said on Tuesday that it was modifying the detention conditions to allow Blaskic to meet his wife, children and lawyer anywhere "deemed appropriate" by Dutch authorities, who are being paid by Blaskic for 24-hour security. All other visits, such as with Croatian diplomats or friends, have to take place at the Scheveningen detention unit.

Blaskic will also now be able to make outgoing calls, which may be monitored if prosecutors believe he is plotting an escape, and have access to a television and radio. He still cannot move freely outside his secret address, is barred from leaving The Netherlands and has no contact with the press. All his correspondence must go via Scheveningen jail. Prosecutors and Blaskic's defence team is due to meet tribunal judges in camera on Wednesday to discuss progress in his case.

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