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Casualty List for Plane Crash in Croatia
Commerce Secretary Ron Brown List of passengers and crew aboard plane that crashed outside Dubrovnik, Croatia, according to the U.S. State Department


  • Ron Brown, Commerce secretary
  • Kathryn Hoffman, senior adviser for strategic scheduling and special initiatives, Commerce Department
  • Duane Christian, security officer, Commerce Department
  • Carol Hamilton, press secretary, Commerce Department
  • Bill Morton, deputy assistant secretary for international economic development, Commerce Department
  • Chuck Meissner, assistant secretary for international trade, Commerce Department
  • Gail Dobert, deputy director, office of business liaison, Commerce Department
  • Lawrence Payne, special assistant for U.S. and foreign commercial service, Commerce Department
  • Adam Darling, confidential assistant, Commerce Department
  • Steve Kaminski, commercial counselor for U.S. and foreign commercial service, Commerce Department
  • Naomi Warbasse, international trade specialist, Commerce Department
  • Kathy Kellogg, confidential assistant, Office of Business Liaison, Commerce Department
  • Jim Lewek, analyst, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Lee Jackson, U.S. executive director, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Treasury Department
  • Dragica Lendic Bebek, interpreter
  • Niksa Antonini, photographer
  • Nathaniel Nash, New York Times reporter
  • Barry Conrad, chairman and chief executive officer, Barrington Corp.
  • Paul Cushman, chairman and chief executive officer, Riggs International Banking Corp.
  • Robert Donovan, president and chief executive officer ABB Inc.
  • Claudio Elia, chairman and chief executive officer, Air and Water Technologies
  • Leonard Pieroni, chairman and chief executive officer, Parsons Corp.
  • John Scoville, chairman, Harza Engineering Co.
  • Donald Terner, president, Bridge Housing Corp.
  • Stuart Tholan, president, Bechtel Corp.
  • David Ford, president and chief executive officer, Interguard Corp.
  • Frank Maier, president, Ensearch International Corp.
  • Walter Murphy, senior vice president, AT&T Submarine Systems
  • Robert Whittaker, chairman and chief executive officer, Foster Wheeler Energy International