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To Abide by Dayton Deal

Wolfgang Schuessel VIENNA, July 3 (Reuters) - Austrian Foreign Minister Wolfgang Schuessel on Wednesday urged Croatia to fulfil quickly its pledges to the Council of Europe to stick to the Dayton peace deal on Bosnia. The Council of Europe invited Croatia to join the forum on Tuesday but Zagreb's formal entry will be delayed until it has satisfied the body of its full compliance with the peace accord.

"Dr Schuessel calls on Croatia to fulfil quickly and completely the promises it made before its acceptance," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The Council demanded in June that Croatia arrest and hand over alleged war criminals to the U.N. war crimes tribunal as a condition for membership.

It also demanded Croatia facilitate free elections in Bosnia, amnesty war prisoners, allow the return of Serb refugees, stop interfering with independent news media and allow the elected opposition to appoint a Zagreb mayor.

The ministry said Austria had long backed the former Yugoslav republic's membership in the Council, which was set up after World War Two to promote democracy and human rights throughout Europe. The council's ministerial committee could reconsider Zagreb's membership in September after studying Croatia's observance of the Dayton deal and its attitude during elections in neighbouring Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Bosnian elections are due to be held on September 14. The statement said the full council would address the question of Croatian membership in October. The 39-member body had already postponed a decision on Croatian membership in June, asking for extra assurances from the Zagreb authorities on the implementation of peace accords, human rights, minorities, refugees and displaced people.

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