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Dole: U.S. Troops in Bosnia is a Mistake
Candidate Says He Would Have Trained
Bosnians to Defend Themselves

Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (BILOXI, Miss., March 10—Reuters) Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole criticized President Clinton's policies on Bosnia and Haiti. "I would not have sent American troops (to Bosnia),'' Dole said at a rally in this Gulf port. "I would have trained the Bosnians earlier to defend themselves." Dole long favored lifting an arms embargo during the Bosnian war and was a frequent critic of a U.N. peacekeeping force there.

The Republican front-runner for the White House also criticized Clinton's policy in Haiti, where President Jean-Bertrand Aristide recognized Cuba at the end of his term after U.S. troops restored him to power.

"We spent $2.5 billion in Haiti and what did Aristide do on the last day in office? He recognized (Fidel) Castro in Cuba. After we spent $2.5 billion of your money in Haiti, to prop up this character called Aristide, that's the thanks we got for it. We've got to stop spending your money and squandering your money in these little games that President Clinton likes to play around the world," Dole told a rally of about 200 supporters in an airport hangar in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dole, who has a big lead in the race for the Republican nomination, said he was focusing his campaign on Clinton rather than his Republican rivals. "Clinton loves the squabbling," he said. "I'm not going to cut anybody up but Bill Clinton. We're going to remind Clinton every day, every day and every day of the promises he made and didn't keep.

On Tuesday, seven states will choose a total of 362 delegates to the Republican National Convention, the biggest day of the presidential primary season. Dole hopes to extend his string of state primary victories, which ran to 10 after his victory Thursday in New York's primary. That win raised his delegate total to 382 of the 996 needed to capture the nomination, far ahead of millionaire publisher Steve Forbes and commentator Pat Buchanan, who had 73 and 64 delegates, respectively.

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