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Iranian Freedom Fighters Still Operating Covertly in Bosnia
Despite Bosnian Promises that Training Schools
Would Go, Up to Seven Said to Remain
The Washington Post reports that Islamic "freedom fighters" from Iran and other Muslim countries continue to run a string of training camps in central Bosnia. Western officials told the Post that they believe personnel from Iran's Interior Ministry are among those manning between five and seven camps in central Bosnia. During a follow-up conference to the Dayton negotiations in Rome last month, U.S. officials demanded that the security unit—called the Agency for Investigation and Documentation—be disbanded and its top two officials removed. So far, the Bosnian government has not complied.

A senior Bosnian official said he had received reports that Iranians continue to operate training facilities in his country despite a Dayton provision that they all should have left Bosnia by Jan. 19. Local officials and Muslim residents near Orasac, a village in central Bosnia, said one of the camps was located there. Bosnian Muslim police and a man in plainclothes refused reporters entry into the village on Tuesday.

Sources said camps similar that reported near Orasac exist in rural areas near Tuzla, Zenica and Travnik. Becir Kusmanovic, a Muslim farmer who lives near Orasac, said the camp is still active. "It is closed off up there. Not even we villagers can go up there and see what they are doing," he said. "It is all a big secret."

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