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Bosnian Garbage Man Tells of Serb Atrocity
Woman's Breasts Cut Off, Husband Nailed to Wall
BONN, Germany (AP) — Gulping back tears, a Bosnian garbage man detailed how for two years, Bosnian Serbs forced him to haul truckloads of murdered Muslims and Croats to a dump and bury them. The Bosnian Muslim, who was too frightened to reveal his name at a news conference on Wednesday, said he disposed of the bodies in a dump and a cemetery in Prijedor, Bosnia, from 1992 until he fled to Germany in 1994.

The account could not be independently confirmed, but U.S. State Department reports based on the testimony of hundreds of survivors say that thousands of Muslims and Croats were tortured to death in the Prijedor region between May and August 1992. The garbage man’s tale has been relayed to the international war crimes tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, by the Society for Threatened Peoples, the human rights group that arranged the news conference. The 44-year-old garbage man from Gamjenica, a suburb of Prijedor about 125 miles northwest of Sarajevo, said Serb guards picked him up and drove him to the prison camps and to victims’ homes to load bodies onto trucks.

“The worst experience I had was going to a house where a woman lived with her husband. She was dead in the bathroom. Her breasts had been cut off. He had been nailed to the wall,” he said. The man said that when he asked his Serb watchers why they didn’t kill him as well, they replied: “Because you’re not worth the bullet.”

Since a truce late last year halted four years of war in Bosnia, international officials have begun investigating reports of atrocities. Tribunal investigators recently finished a two-week fact-finding mission into seven suspected mass graves in Bosnia, turning up evidence of large-scale carnage, including body parts and shreds of clothing. The tribunal has indicted 57 suspects, including 46 Bosnian Serbs, eight Croats and three Muslims. Only four are in tribunal custody; two others are in German jails awaiting transfer to The Hague.

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