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Germany Recognizes Rump Yugoslavia
Foreign Minister Kinkel Appoints Ambassador
BONN, April 17 (Reuters) — The German cabinet agreed on Wednesday to grant rump Yugoslavia diplomatic recognition five years after the Balkan state disintegrated, Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel said. Kinkel said Germany's charge d'affaires in Belgrade would be promoted to the rank of ambassador. The move is in line with a decision by European Union foreign ministers in December.

"With recognition by Germany and other European Union countries, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has come a step nearer to the international community," Kinkel said. Britain and France have already resumed full diplomatic relations with rump Yugoslavia, composed of Serbia and Montenegro. Germany has already recognized the four former Yugoslav republics that declared independence when the federation broke up in 1991.

Kinkel also said the government had agreed to send 83 more German police officers to Bosnia to boost the United Nations force trying to establish a civilian society there and create the right conditions for the return of refugees. The new contingent will increase the total number of German police officers in Bosnia to around 150. "Germany is contributing the second largest contingent from a Western country, after the United States with 200," Kinkel said.

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