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Serbs at Doboj

MAP: Doboj SARAJEVO, July 22 (Reuters) - NATO peace troops kept back a mob of Muslim women, preventing them from using sticks and stones to attack Serbs who crossed communal lines in Bosnia to exhume graves of fallen Serb soldiers, officials said on Monday.

Serbs, including pathologists from the town of Doboj, were escorted by U.N. police monitors across the boundary line to Bosnian government territory on Sunday on a pre-arranged visit to remove remains of soldiers. The trip, requested by the separatist Serb entity's commission for exchange of war prisoners and granted under freedom-of-movement regulations set by the Dayton peace treaty, was disrupted when angry Muslims showed up. "Exhumations of battlefield graves began in the morning and 20 bodies were located when the process was interrupted at 2 p.m. by 100-200 Muslims. Local police didn't try to control the crowd," U.N. police spokesman Alex Ivanko told reporters.

Major Brett Boudreau of the NATO-led peace force in Bosnia (IFOR) said the Muslims, mainly women, were "hostile and armed with sticks and stones. A discreet deployment of IFOR troops in support of IPTF (U.N. police) at that point helped defuse the situation, ensuring the situation did not degenerate and exhumations could proceed," Boudreau told a news conference in Sarajevo. "The group (ended up) exhuming nine or 10 bodies and returned safely across the inter-ethnic boundary line."

Dayton's free movement rules have rarely been respected by local nationalist authorities in Bosnia who have often stirred up mobs to keep refugees or others from crossing ex-ceasefire lines to reclaim or revisit former homes and family graves.

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