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Amps, Skins & Strings
A Public Service Campaign from
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  • BERSERKISTAN — The Internet's #1 Source of News from Bosnia


    In four years of war, the soul of Bosnia has been held hostage at gunpoint. But as the gunfire fades, a new sound is rising. It is coming from busted-up boom boxes turned into studios, camelhair brushes worn thin and threadbare guitar strings. Ever so slowly, facing obstacles at every step, the youth of Bosnia are rallying against the madness.

    Amplifiers, drum heads, guitar strings and more to create a new mindset in a shell-shocked country that continues to be threatened by interracial hatred. Currently, the only recording studio in Sarajevo is Radio BiH, the government radio station. But in return for laying down tracks, the Bosnian government takes all rights to artists' songs. And, music recorded at Radio BiH must be "government approved." How severe is the problem? See reporter Jim Bartlett's coverage of the Sarajevo Music Scene.

  • Trust Sarajevo
    AMPS, SKINS & STRINGS benefits Trust Sarajevo, a non-profit coalition of artists attempting to create a new wave of music and art—and a truly multi-cultural Bosnia—after years of war. Trust Sarajevo members include...
  • Musicians across Bosnia
  • Radio Z, Sarajevo’s alternative FM station
  • Milic Vukasinovic, Bosnian musical artist and teacher
  • Vlado Kadevic, Bosnian band leader and Trust Sarajevo founder
  • NBC Radio’s David Foley in Sarajevo
  • Graham Nash got the ball rolling with a generous cash donation and organizational support through a network of top-level music industry executives and sources. Manufacturers and labels contributing include. . .
  • Matchless Amps
  • Maverick Records
  • Paiste America


  • Operation USA, providing logistal support and non-profit fund-raising.
  • Avocado Productions, a progressive social change organization organizing concerts and benefits in the worldwide music community.
  • SPIN Magazine
  • Graham Nash

  • Drum Heads and Sticks
  • Guitar Strings
  • Amplifiers
  • Musical Instruments
  • Recording Equipment
  • Cash Donations
    to cover shipping and to acquire rehearsal space and to establish a permanent arts center in Sarajevo


  • To contribute using your VISA or MasterCard, call 800 678-7255 in the United States. Or, send a check payable to . . .
    Operation USA
    8320 Melrose Avenue
    Los Angeles, California 90069
    Please mark your check "Amps, Skins & Strings"

  • Equipment manufacturers, and Los Angeles-area bands, producers and labels with larger equipment, please call . . .
    Tom Campbell
    Avocado Productions
    310 374-4837

  • Small Items, including guitar strings and drum heads can be sent to . . .
    Amps, Skins & Strings
    1900 Pico Boulevard
    Santa Monica, California 90405

  • Or, EMail AMPS, SKINS & STRINGS. Be sure to include your telephone number. A volunteer will be in touch with further details.