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Smith: UN Blocked Strikes Against Srebrenica Serbs
Adm. Leighton Smith
NATO air power was ready to strike at the Bosnian Serb Army for several days before the fall of Srebrenica but was blocked by the United Nations, according to the alliance's outgoing commander in southern Europe. U.S. Admiral Leighton Smith said he had made several phone calls to U.N. commanders urging action shortly before the massacre of up to 8,000 Muslims around the so-called safe area.

Smith Says Politicians are Preventing
Arrests of Accused War Criminals

The outgoing NATO commander in Bosnia suggested on Tuesday that indicted war criminals were still free in part for political reasons, including fears of Serb unrest before crucial post-war elections in September. Smith, about to stand down as NATO commander for Bosnia, said there was no question Karadzic, Mladic and other indicted must eventually stand trial before the tribunal in The Hague.

Mostar Croats, Angry Over Vote,
Refuse to Halt City Council Boycott

Bosnia's ElectionsBosnian Croats, struggling to preserve an ethnically-divided Mostar, said on Tuesday they were determined to continue their boycott of a newly elected city council. The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) boycotted the new city assembly, complaining of irregularities in polling. Votes from abroad gave control of the Mostar council to the Muslim-dominated Party of Democratic Action(SDA).

The Bosna Ekspres Rolls to the Sea
The first train out of Sarajevo's shell-pocked railway station since 1992 departed three minutes late on Tuesday morning, but no one complained. Instead, there was enthusiastic applause from some 300 spectators. The rail service is the first to run between Sarajevo and Ploce on Croatia's Dalmatian coast since May 1992. The packed train was in sharp contrast to the last, dismal refugee train to leave the beseiged Bosnian capital on May 2, 1992, when the city experienced its first serious shelling by separatist Bosnian Serb forces.

Witness Says Tadic Not Present
At Prison Castration of Muslim

Bosnia's Elections
A key prosecution witness told a U.N. trial in The Hague that accused Bosnian was criminal Serb Dusan Tadic was not present during one of the grisliest crimes for which he stands accused. Witness �H� told the court last Wednesday that he had never seen Tadic at the Serb-run Omarska prison camp in the Prijedor region of northwest Bosnia.

Bosnian Serbs Press for Tribunal
Indictment of Izetbegovic

Bosnian Serb justice minister Marko Arsovic was expected to urge the War Crimes Tribunal on Tuesday to indict Bosnian Muslim President Alija Izetbegovic, although he has not said on what charges. The Serbs have handed over box-loads of evidence of alleged war crimes committed by Muslims and Croats against Serbs during the 3½-year conflict.


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