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Community Srebrenica Posters Now Available
From Friends of Bosnia

Posters are available from Friends of Bosnia to use at rallies commemorating the massacre at Srebrenica and demanding the arrest of war criminals.

1. "Wanted, Radovan Karadzic, for war crimes at Srebrenica" with photo of Karadzic.
2. "Wanted, Radko Mladic, for war crimes at Srebrenica" with photo of Mladic.
3. "Remeber Srebrenica. Arrest War Criminals Now!" with photo of the evacuation of Srebrenica.

All posters are 18" x 24". $10 for set of three. Includes postage. Posters will be ready to mail on July 2th. Please send your address and payment to:

Friends of Bosnia
47 East Street
Hadley, MA 01035

Amnesty International Publishes
New Bosnia Human Rights Study

An Amnesty International publication, "Bosnia-Herzegovinia: The International Community's Responsibility to Ensure Human Rights" has just been released. The 107-page document analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the main human rights provisions in the 1995 peace agreement as supplemented by subsequent governmental meetings.

Detailed recommendations include a 10-Point Program for the International Community to Implement Human Rights in Bosnia-Herzogovinia. The report is available for $10 plus $3 postage and handling from:

Amnesty International/USA
Publication Department
322 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10001
For details: (212) 807-8400.

Help! Interactivism

Travel Information Sought
for Karlovac, Bihac, Prijedor and Banja Luka

News in Bosnian for Refugee Family
from Velika Kladusa

Info on Bosnian Candidates
Sought by law student

Ferries from Italy to Split
Iím seeking the schedules

The Talon
Where to find this Army online magazine

Access Providers in Tuzla
Is connectivity possible?

Want to Discuss Issues
Hereís my address...

Translator Needed
by Internews

Point of View Guest Opinion Essays

We Need Your Help to Lobby Washington.
Honor the Promises Made at Dayton

By The Bosnian Action Coalition

Time for the Bosnian Government to Begin
Working with Neighbours

By Amir Handzel

Death Sentence to Bosnia
Behind the Dayton's Closed Doors

By Musadik Borogovac, Bosnian Congress USA

Silent Ethnic Cleansing in Sarajevo
By Andras Riedlmayer

Issues Fairness in Media Debated

Berserkistan Coverage
A fan letter from a reader on his way to the Balkans

Republic Srpska as Self-Styled
It is an entity, says Beeri Shuster

Objective Reporting
Wide-ranging commentary from Amir Handzel in Israel

Before Bosnia, Berserkistan
Army Officer gets the most out of Berserkistan

Berserkistan Lacking
We look like Germans to Konstantin Konstantinovich

Feedback On recent Berserkistan Articles

French Rescue American Patrol from Serb Mob
Illegal Occupiers, says Bosko Ivanisevic

A soldier comments about liquor on U.S. bases

The Zvornik Seven
The Dead Come in from the Woods, George Ilic writes

Dogs of War
This soldier says dogs are still being killed

Communication Resources
Send Send a Digi-Gram to Any GI in Bosnia
The North American Center For Emergency Communications (NACEC) can now provide its free high speed military family message services to U.S. Forces serving in Bosnia. Message recipients do not need computers or Internet access, as messages are delivered by volunteers. At present, messages can be sent to all U.S. Forces serving in Bosnia. U.S. Military their families and friends wishing to use this free message service can do so 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, by accessing NACEC, then proceeding to the Main Military Family Support Services page, where they can find information and send a Digi-Gram message.


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