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Subject: Doonesbury
From: Name Withheld (currently in U.S. military)
Date: Wednesday, 22 May 1993

From the Berserkistan story:
"U.S. commanders in Bosnia have said they don't want alcohol in Bosnia because of land mines, hostile locals and other factors that could endanger drunk soldiers..."

Unless you're Maj. General Nash, 1st Armored Division commander (and thus commander of all U.S. ground forces in Bosnia), in which case you can be pictured in Army Times doing shots with the Russians and be defended by the Army Times for doing so after numerous people complain. It is hypocrisy of the rankest sort.

The Zvornik Seven

Subject: The Dead Come In From The Woods!
From: George Ilic
Date: Tuesday, 21 May 1993

I'm fascinated about your articles regarding the captured Muslim terrorists outside Zvornik. According to your articles the seven men were yet 'more' survivors of the alleged Serbian massacre. Perhaps there are thousands more who survived your so-called massacre and are still in the woods. The credibility of Berserkistan is Zero. I wonder if Berserkistan is just like the other media outlets that rely on Muslim government releases for the basis of their information!

By 'more' survivors, we were referring to others who have come out of hiding in Bosnia since the Srebrenica Massacre last summer. Perhaps there are others still in hiding. Time will tell. Berserkistan is far from a propaganda outlet for any government. Our journalism speaks for itself, as do the thousands of bodies strewing the landscape around Srebrenica.

For more on the issue of objectivity, see
Letters: Bosnia Media Coverage

Dogs of War

Subject: Dogs of War
Date: Sunday, 12 May 1996

I was in Bosnia for a few months, and one puppy in particular really affected me. So when I saw this paragraph in Berserkistan:

Link"For a while at Tuzla air base there was a shoot-on-sight order in effect for dogs seen within the perimeter. This caused quite a row, I was told when, the Americans first arrived. Seems that some Danish U.N. troops had been feeding one and had sort of adopted it when an American MP walked up and blew out it's brains with his Berretta. Quite the uproar, I was told, and the Americans chilled out after that. But that is Tuzla HQ and things tend to be tighter closer to the flag of command."
...I had to forward the following letter from Stars & Stripes. I didn't write it, but the incident happened while I was still there. For all I know it could still be happening. I'm by no means a tree hugger, but it makes me sick to think about. I think more people need to know about it.
Cruelty to Animals
Stars & Stripes, March 18, 1996
Letter to the Editor
By CPL Harold L. Martin

When we arrived here at Camp Dallas about three weeks ago, there were animals residing in and around the building that I am now typing this letter in. I love cats and dogs so to me there was really no problem. I did, however, realize that they could possibly be infected and unclean. The next thing I know, I see cats and dogs that appeared to bleeding from the mouth and rectum. I began asking people why, and was very hurt when I found the answer. Hamburger meat had been laid out for them to eat and enjoy. Inside this meat, however, was poison. Suddenly there were no more animals around.

I am not an animal activist, but I can discern right from wrong. It's too late now, for they are dead, but I wish I would have been given the chance to think of a way to resolve the problem. Anything would have been better than watching them die right in front of you, bleeding so sadly.

I do not share the same views as many people in this camp, but that does not chgange my view. What's wrong is wrong. They are living, breathing, walking and eating creatures just as we are. I try not to think about it so as to ease the emotional pain, but I want my stand known, so that in the future if the story is told about the murderers of Camp Dallas, there will be at least one soldier that can dispute that challenge.

Camp Dallas is the U.S. base in Durdevik, just south of Zivinice, about 30 minutes from Tuzla Main.

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