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Subject: Travel Information Sought for Bosnia
Henri Myrttinen
Date: Monday, 24 June 1993

I am planning on going on a "semi-business" trip to Croatia, Bosnia and rump Yugoslavia in several weeks time and was wondering if you could give me some information (or tell me where i could get some info) as to how safe a trip taking me from Karlovac in Croatia to Bihac, Prijedor and Banja Luka would be. How big is the danger of minefields in the area? How difficult is it to travel between the Bosnian-Croat federation and the Republika Srpska? What precautionary measures should be taken ?

Henri Myrttinen
c/o Johanna Aali

Subject: Bosnian News for Refugee Family
Kenneth D. Owens
Date: Sunday, 23 June 1993

We have a Bosnian family that is temporarily living with us that would like to get some news from home. I have been trying to find some print news that I can download for them and print out but have had no real luck in finding anything. They are from Velika Kladusa and read no English at all. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: Information on Bosnian Presidential Candidates
Chris Lhulier
Date: Monday, 3 June 1993

I am a law student working on, among other things, posting information about the Bosnian presidential candiates and about the elections in general onto Villanova's Bosnian Home Page. Any ideas where i can find some good biographical material on the canidates? Are the candidates the leaders who are already in power? For example, Karadzic if he is not arrested would be the leading Bosnian-Serb candidate!
Any information or other sites would be very helpful.
Thank you very much!

Subject: Yugo-Italian Ferries
Nancy M
Date: Monday, 3 June 1993

We will be visiting Split and surrounding areas in a few weeks and have an interest in the ferry service to Ancona, Italy. Where can I access info on the Jadrolinija ferry that goes there? I'm looking for schedules and prices. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!

Subject: The Talon, a Bosnia Paper
J Haskins
Date: Wednesday, 22 May 1993

Can anyone supply the Web address of a U.S. Army or U.S. military newspaper possibly named The Talon? Thanks.

I found it. Thanks!

Subject: Tuzla and the Internet
Date: Sunday, 19 May 1996

Hello, Just like to say that your WWW page provides the best reporting on the Balkan conflict I've seen. Accurate and in-depth articles provide a comprehensive look into the challenges facing the future of BiH.
Question: Do you know of any Internet providers in Tuzla, and if so do you have their phone numbers? Any info of Internet access in BiH would be appreciated.
Hvala Vam,

Subject: Want to Discuss Issues
Craig Borges
Date: Friday, 17 May 1996

I would like to discuss issues with people in Sarajevo, though this may be impossible. I'm also still trying to make contact with Oslobodjenje reporter Dzeilana Pecanin.
Craig Borges
453 Angell Street
Providence, Rhode Island, USA 02906

Sarajevo University is about to inaugurate its Internet service, putting Sarajevo on the Web on a regular basis for the first time since the war. Stay tuned to Berserkistan for details.

Subject: Translator Needed
Lorraine Dillon
Date: Wednesday, 15 May 1996

Internews is in urgent need of a professional, simultaneous interpreter, Serbo-Croatian to English for its live satellite transmission of the War Crimes Tribunal. We need this translator on Monday, May 20, for two weeks. An added complication is that visa offices in the Netherlands and in France are closed for holiday Thursday and Friday. If you are a simultaneous interpreter, or have any leads, please contact immediately:

In the U.S.:
Lorraine Dillon +1 707-826-2030, Extension 126
In The Netherlands:
Steve Lawrence +31 35 624 4336 (
In Paris:
Jean-Pierre Mabille +331-40-13-96-66
Thank you!

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