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Spaniard Ricardo Perez Casado has been criticised by Croat and Muslim authorities for his absence from the scene at crucial moments.

Today in Mostar BRUSSELS, July 15 (Reuters) - European Union foreign ministers on Monday appointed a Briton, Sir Martin Garrod, to replace Spaniard Ricardo Perez Casado as EU administrator in the divided Bosnian city of Mostar, EU diplomats said. Garrod, currently Perez Casado's chief of staff, is expected to take over on July 22 and try to broker attempts to unify the city which is split between Croats and Muslims.

Casado, former mayor of Valencia, recently announced in Spain that he would not be available to serve any longer as administrator in Mostar. Casado, who replaced Germany's Hans Koschnick barely two months ago, has been criticised by Croat and Muslim authorities for his absence from the scene at crucial moments.

EU diplomats declined to speculate whether this criticism had been a factor in his decision to leave the job. The ministers had also agreed to extend the 15-nation bloc's administration of the city for another six months, although the formal decision would be taken later on Monday, diplomats said.

Casado organised the holding of elections last month under an EU plan to unify the ancient city. The polls were seen as a test run for country-wide elections in mid-September, but are in danger of simply cementing its partition. EU officials say the extension of the EU mandate will facilitate efforts to move ahead with economic reconstruction and the return of more refugees.

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