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NATO Will Sieze Warring Parties' Weapons
'Enough is Enough,' Says Commander,
Frustrated by Delay in Surrendering Arms

(SARAJEVO, April 9—Reuters) NATO officers said on Tuesday that Bosnia's factions had failed to withdraw anti-aircraft weapons to collection sites as promised and warned that the alliance's peacekeeping troops were prepared to seize the arms. The Serb, Croat and Muslim-led government armies had dragged their feet on a commitment to move air-defense weapons to NATO-designated collection sites, Brigadier Andrew Cumming told reporters.

"Enough is enough," said Cumming, speaking for the commander of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), backbone of the NATO-led peacekeeping contingent in Bosnia. "The headquarters of ARRC now consider that they are in non-compliance with respect to air-defense weapons." He added: "They have been warned that we are now going to apply more resources to seeking out these weapons systems that haven't been put in, that unless... we are satisifed that they are in transit to an air-defense coralling site or concentration area, then we are going to confiscate those weapons."

Siezure Plan Kept Secret
Cumming would not discuss how NATO would go about seizing anti-aircraft guns and other weapons but said the alliance knew where many of them were kept. The requirement to move anti-aircraft weapons to collection sites is not part of the Dayton peace agreement, but NATO ordered the withdrawal to help clear the way for reopening civilian air traffic in Bosnia.

Rival armies were told to move the weapons within 90 days after NATO deployed in Bosnia in December, but last month's deadline passed without compliance. The factions failed to meet a second deadline set for earlier this week. Inspections by NATO troops revealed that rival armies have submitted inaccurate figures for their air-defense arsenals, partly because of deception and partly because of shoddy accounting procedures, Cumming said.

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