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Tuzla Demonstration

Angry Muslim Women Storm Government Offices in Tuzla
Demanding to Know Whereabouts of Loved Ones

(TUZLA, BOSNIA, February 3, 1996)
Several hundred Muslim women smashed windows at a government building and tried to storm it, demanding more information on their missing family members. They were apparently the same protestors who ransacked offices of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Tuzla on Tuesday, crying and shouting, "Dead or alive?" referring to relatives still unaccounted for. Most of the missing are among 8,000 mostly Muslim men who vanished after Serb troops overran Srebrenica last summer. Most of the missing are believed to have been killed in mass executions carried out by the Serbs who now deny any massacres took place, insisting all the Muslims died in battle.

The Red Cross offices in Tuzla were trashed by demonstrators who broke out its windows and tossed furniture on the street. There were several injuries including a broken nose and a broken leg. The ICRC has suspended operations in Tuzla in the wake of the riot. "We will wait for some time to assess the situation and then get some assurances from the authorities that they support our work and will ensure our security," said Laurent Fellay, head of the ICRC's Tuzla delegation.

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