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Prisonders at Omarska THE HAGUE, June 19 (Reuters) - A Bosnian Muslim told the Yugoslavia war crimes tribunal on Wednesday how he had seen his 24-year-old son pulled out of a column of refugees on the orders of suspected Bosnian Serb war criminal Dusan Tadic.

"I never saw him again," Salko Karabasic told the U.N. court without any visible sign of emotion.

Karabasic, a 51-year-old labourer, said he and his family were among some 300 Muslim refugees who had been ordered to assemble in the town of Kozarac in northwest Bosnia, shortly after it was taken over by Serb forces in May 1992. As the column filed into town, Karabasic said he noticed his brother Ismet and another man, Redo Foric, standing to one side.

Tadic -- also known by the nicknames of Dusko or Dule -- then ordered a fellow Serb, Goran Borovnica, to pull another of his brothers, Ekrem, and his son Seido from the column. "Dule Tadic was issuing orders and Borovnica was implementing them," he said. The column kept walking into Kozarac where Muslim men where separated from their women and children and Karabasic was eventually taken to the Serb-run Omarska prison camp.

Tadic has been charged with participating in the killing of all four men who were taken from the column in Kozarac. Prosecutors allege the killings and other alleged atrocities of which Tadic has been accused took place during a brutal "ethnic cleansing" campaign in northwest Bosnia in 1992.

Tadic denies the charges and defence lawyer Steven Kay sought to highlight apparent discrepancies in Karabasic's testimony concerning the sequence of events and Tadic's clothes. "I suggest to you that you did not see Dusan Tadic pick anybody out of the column because he wasn't there," Kay said.

Karabasic did not respond to Kay's assertion, remaining calm throughout his testimony and cross-examination, but occasionally glaring at Tadic who sat flanked by two U.N. guards.

The Tadic trial -- the first before an international war crimes tribunal since the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials after World War Two -- is now in its seventh week. So far the tribunal has indicted 58 suspects -- 46 Serbs, nine Croats and three Muslims -- seven of whom are being held at the tribunal's detention centre in The Hague. Its two most wanted men, Bosnian Serb leaders Radovan Karadzic and General Ratko Mladic, remain at large.

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