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Zejnil Delalic THE HAGUE, July 22 (Reuters) - The U.N. tribunal for former Yugoslavia said on Monday it would hear an application for the release of Bosnian Muslim Zejnil Delalic on Tuesday.

Delalic, accused of responsibility for murder, torture and rape at the Celebici camp at Konjic in central Bosnia in 1992, has been detained at the tribunal since early May. He was originally arrested in Germany on March 18. Delalic's defence lawyer, Edina Residovic, submitted the request for provisional release "bearing in mind that further detention of Zejnil Delalic may cause substantial damage and unforeseeable consequences."

Residovic said his indictment "exposed his children to great dangers and problems" and added that, as a resident of Austria, Germany and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, he would always be accessible to the tribunal. The prosecutor said the defence motion failed to prove the existence of exceptional circumstances justifying a provisional release and did not guarantee Delalic would not pose a threat to victims and witnesses.

Delalic is alleged to have coordinated the activities of Bosnian Muslim and Croat forces in the Konjic area and is one of only three Muslims to have been indicted by the tribunal. The tribunal has released three people from its custody to date. In March, Bosnian Serb officer Colonel Aleksa Krsmanovic was returned to Bosnian custody, on the grounds of insufficient evidence against him.

The following month, Bosnian Serb General Djordje Djukic was released for humanitarian reasons and later died of cancer. In June, Bosnian Serb Goran Lajic was freed on the grounds of mistaken identity.

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