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Serbia Finally Sells Tito's Yacht
American Pays $2.1 Million for the Galeb
Josip Tito BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) — After two unsuccessful auctions, the luxury yacht of Yugoslavia’s late President Josip Broz Tito has finally sold — for $2.1 million to an American millionaire. Belgrade media reported today that the new owner, who was not named, may turn the 390-foot Galeb (Seagull) into a ship design facility. It is currently still anchored in the southern Adriatic.

Tito used the yacht extensively during his 35-year rule. It was also former Yugoslavia’s main training ship for Navy cadets. It has 300 beds, two kitchens, a bakery, several luxuriously decorated salons and a small clinic. Its captain’s log says Tito spent 324 nights on board before he died in 1980. The ship originally was built in Italy in 1936.

Tito, known for his love for luxury, sailed to Africa, Asia and South America aboard the Galeb and hosted numerous parties for foreign leaders and celebrities. The Galeb and most of former Yugoslavia’s Navy ships were swiftly transferred to Montenegro from Croatian ports when war started in 1991. Montenegro and its dominant ally, Serbia, are what is left of Yugoslavia after four other republics seceded.

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